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Robt Mondavi Winery Black Bean and Chicken Mole Tostadas

Bl Valentine

If you happen to be wine tasting at Mondavi soon, you'll notice the wine tasting ends with Rancho Gordo Black Bean and Chicken Mole Tostadas. I can tell you they are great and the perfect match for their 2004 Chardonnay Reserve. The staff at Mondavi were nice enough to share their recipe. Read the recipe.

One of the highlights of any trip to Guadalajara should be the restaurant Karne Garibaldi. Their signature dish is Carne en su jugo and one bite will make you a fan for life. It's somewhere between a soup and a stew. Accompanied by grilled onions, tortillas cilantro, it's a great dish that you don't see much on menus outside of Mexico. I was in lovely Stockton, California one day with my mother and found a pretty good version of it at La Fogata, but it had more tomatillos than I remember and it was good but not the end all version found at Karne Garibaldi.
The underrated cookbook author Marilyn Tausend offers her version in Savoring Mexico (Oxmoor House ISBN: 0848725891) which has no tomatillos and is seasoned with chipotle en adobo. In fact, it's not much like what I enjoyed in Guadalajara but it's so good,I've been making it regularly. This version is inspired by hers but I hope you won't stop here. Read the recipe.



Simple Instructions for Cooking Beans in the Rancho Gordo Manner
and if you're really stuck, here's the video:


Amaranth Soufflé

Arbol Chile Sauce

Beans and Vegetable Posole
from Native Seeds/SEARCH

Braised Beef
from Cakebread Cellars


Cannellini Spread

Chile Relleno

Clam Ceviche

Cooking in Clay Pots

Corn Relish

Cucumber Cooler

Drunken Beans

Fish and Posole Soup



Flageolet and Roasted Tomatoes


Madeira Beans with Garam Masala
from Shaemus Feely

Marin Sunday Market Stuffing

Nopales (Cactus Paddles)

Pantry Salsa

Pasta Fazool
from Jimtown Store

Poblano Soup

Posole Verde

Rajas (Poblano Chile Strips)

Easy Curried Beans
from Imo

Spring Lamb and Flageolet

Fay's Relish
Cilantro Gremolata Or Something Of The Sort


Red Beans and Rice

Red Chili

Refried Beans

Rown Family Black Bean Chili

Runner Cannellini Salad

Salsa Arriera

Salsa Verde
made in a mocajete

Scarlet Runner and Ancho Cress Salad

Senate Bean Soup

Seafood Cassoulet
from Luella

Short Ribs
from Prather Ranch

Slow Cooked Brisket

Spanish Tortilla with Nopales
from Pilar Sanchez

Summer Posole

Vegetarian Black Bean Chowder
from Heidi Swanson

White Bean Confetti Spread
from Heidi Swanson

Wild Rice Canape

Wild Rice Salad
from Cakebread Cellars

Zucchini Fritters

Christmas Salad




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